From our deepest heart

19 Oct From our deepest heart

Surrounded by a warm and loving and happy family, with the good fortune to be encouraged to explore and dream, I grew up hoping that my favorite movie and television superheroes could be real.  As time passed and those fantasy heroes faded, I realized my most revered superhero was with me all the time. With all of us.

From an early age he cared deeply for all of us. He made his life’s work the wellbeing and happiness of all his people. Year after year he devoted his apparently inexhaustible energy to the people of Thailand, always without hesitation; without thinking of himself.  This was no fairy tale king sitting atop riches and surrounded by castle walls.  His riches were the people and the country we call home. He was like a caring father who treated everyone as his family, even in a house shared by many different peoples and perspectives.

Certainly, even in the Land of Smiles, the offspring quarreled at times.  We often disagreed.  But in the end, and time after time, our devoted King would sit us down and help us settle our differences. Like a father who lives to a great age, the King took time and effort to build a house where all were welcome; where all could find warmth, love and happiness.  That house was not a palace, but out country. It is his legacy to us, and his reminder to treat each other with kindness and respect.

Today, though his human form is transformed back into the four natural elements, the King’s spirit will continue guiding us, far into the future, as a beacon for all that is good in our country and the world.

We are blessed to have the Queen, a loyal and loving wife who supported him always and gave him the strength and love to carry on his work.

We are gifted to have the Prince and the Princesses who stood by his side with love and devotion.

We look to guidance from the Prime Minister, our honored uncle who has helped the King usher in a future filled with the promise of peace and success.

Even in these days when selfishness is for some a way of life, it is possible to imagine one person doing good for many, over many years, simply because it is the correct thing to do?  I can.  We can. We can because of the king, whose actions and memories make us strive to be better, to work harder to bring a little light to the darkness. He lives in us every time we do good and every time we care without expecting anything in return.

My superhero came to life. He was our King.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavaromp
CEO & Founder
Shellhut Entertainment Co.,Ltd.