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About Us

Shellhut Entertainment Co., Ltd. was formed in 2007 as a subsidiary of Shellhut Co., Ltd., a major shellcraft manufacturing and worldwide exporting company located in Bangkok, Thailand. We are a co-financing and producing company specializing in animation, with a well-established international network of pre-production, production, and post-production partners.

Shellhut Entertainment’s Mission Statement
Shellhut Entertainment produces world-class animation with engagaing characters, universal stories and visual grace. Our mission is to connect to our growing global audience with new forms of family entertainment and products.

Shellhut Affiliated Companies

Shellhut Entertainment aims to become a global family entertainment pioneer in Asia. We offer a diverse selection of mass medias and contents, including films, Dramas, Animated Cartoons and TV Shows. Also, we aspire to expand Shellhut branch subdivisions focused upon Acting Academies, Casting Agencies, Theme Parks and Libraries, both domestic and international.

Creative Motion

Creative Motion Co. Ltd is an entertainment production company and wholly owned subsidiary of Shellhut Entertainment Company, Ltd. Creative Motion produces family friendly major theatrical release motion pictures and television program series. Creative Motion is developing its first feature film, “DREAM TEAM” with global partners in Hollywood USA, South Korea and China.

Toonnimation Company Limited

Toonnimation is a family entertainment company focused on action-comedy, across a wide variety of genres. Our creative team is presently developing the property, THE GREAT HERO, as both a television series and a feature film. Born in 2011, Toonnimation is quickly becoming a vital center of global animation in Thailand.


Worldwide distribution rights (excluding Thailand and Malaysia) of Shelldon TV Series is being handled by The dhx media Company & Planet Nemo

Partners & Investor Relation


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Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp : CEO & FOUNDER


Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp

Dr. Jirayuth, known as Tan, the man behind Shelldon’s success, is a doctoral degree in Finance and Economics with several academic awards. Following his doctoral graduation, he became a Managing Director at Shellhut Co., Ltd., a shellcraft manufacturing and exporting company located in BKK, Thailand. The family-led company was established in 2000 to build on their shared passion for the sea and the creatures that live in and around it. From the starting point of working at Shellhut, Tan decided he wanted to do something out of the ordinary to encourage interest in sealife. He came up with the concept of animation involving seashells. It took years of research and development before he was satisfied that what he had was different and special enough to build into a world of seashell animation and cartoons.

Miss Rugeepat Ariyavararom : Deputy Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

Miss Rugeepat Ariyavararom

Mr. Shannawut Pongchinnartham : Deputy Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Shannawut Pongchinnartham

Mrs. Ruttsarline Pongchinnartham : Deputy Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

Mrs. Ruttsarline Pongchinnartham

Mrs. Pornsinee Chalermrattawongz : Deputy Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

Mrs. Pornsinee Chalermrattawongz

RiFF Animation Studio : Production


RiFF Animation Studio

Founded: 2009 Location: Bangkok, Thailand
RiFF Animation Studio is a studio with strong emphasis on 3D character animation. Our animators are dedicated professional backed up by full production team. Our service covers full production pipeline: from concept design to post-production. Our works include animation shorts, animation series, animation featured films and commercials.
At RiFF, we strive to train new talent and raise the bar of animation skill. At our schools and training facilities, we invited not only our team but everyone to participate in our workshops.

Mr. Kraipit Pornpiboon : IT consultant

IT consultant

Mr. Kraipit Pornpiboon

Kraipit, also known as "Kyle", is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with interests in developing captivating digital products by deploying innovative multimedia technologies. He also functions as the Deputy Managing Director putting the company on the growth path by managing the company's financial, product development, investment and marketing.
With his training in finance and economics, acute international markets awareness and having worked for Multinational Companies (MNCs) such as IBM and Oracle in Business Development positions, he is valued by his peers and investors for his management and business development capabilties. He holds two Master degrees from USA. He obtained his first Master with Master of Business Adminstration (M.B.A.) from Cleveland State University, Ohio USA after graduating from Kasetsart University, Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineer. His second Master degree is Master of Science in Finance & Economics after awarded the prestige Dean Scholarship from West Texas A&M University, Texas USA. He is extremely passionate & confident about Shellhut Entertainment's future prospect. He will apply his versatility, innovative drive and integrity to develop long lasting, socially responsible, and loveable digital products

Mr. ARMAND SERRANO :  Creative Consultant

Creative Consultant


Walt Disney Animation Studio

Sony Pictures Animation

Marvel Production

Hanna-Barbera Production


Armand has been in the animation industry for more than two decades.

Armand graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila,

Philippines with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. He started his

career in 1990 by joining Fil-Cartoons, a Hanna Barbera studio based in

Manila. His increasing passion for animation moved him to the Philippine

Animation Studio in 1993 and supervised the 2D layout department for

iconic Marvel Production TV series such as X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Soon after, Armand moved to the US and joined the Walt Disney

Animation Studios in Florida. He worked on the studio’s successful

animated feature films such as Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, and Brother



In 2004, Armand joined the newly-formed Sony Pictures Animation to do

visual development. He developed a total of 15 projects for the studio and

served as Conceptual Art Director and Senior Visual Development Artist.

His film credits include, Surf’s Up, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs,

Arthur Christmas, and Hotel Transylvania. Then after Sony, Armand served

as Production Designer for an independent animated film Animal Crackers for

Blue Dream Studio in Spain. The film is slated to be released September 2016.


Armand decided to join Disney Animation Studio the second time and

worked on Big Hero 6. He recently completed  Zootopia which is slated

to be released March 4, 2016. Armand also works as a freelance designer

in the game and commercial industries. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. K. Sean Sullivan : Creative Consultant

Creative Consultant

Mr. K. Sean Sullivan

Sean's first work as a professional artist began in 1979 as a scenic artist at a stage theater. Although he moved on to other non-art jobs, he continued freelancing as an artist, cartoonist, and illustrator until 1990 when he moved to Los Angeles to begin his career in animation. While working at the Don Bluth Studios in Burbank, CA. Sean advanced from Inbetweener to Assistant Animator. Before long he was also learning layout and background painting. In 1993, Sean started with the Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios in Orlando, FL. as a Senior Background Painter. By 2004 Sean had enjoyed experiences in storyboarding, mentoring, art directing, visual development, and supervising the backgrounds department. Since leaving the Disney studios, Sean has freelanced in theme park design and concept development, teaching at the college level, storyboarding and production design for motion pictures, as well as continued involvement in animation projects. Sean has a BFA in illustration. In his 40 + years of experience Sean has earned three THEA awards for themed entertainment excellence, has over 15 film credits, and countless other projects to his credit.

Mr. Ruben A. Aquino : Creative Consultant

Creative Consultant

Mr. Ruben A. Aquino

Bio & Disney filmography


Born 1953 in Okinawa, Japan (father from Philippines, mother from Okinawa)

Attended Christ the King International School (in Okinawa) from kindergarten to high school (graduated 1971)

Attended the University of Pennsylvania (in Philadelphia, Pa) 1971-75; majored in architecture

Worked as a graphic artist in Honolulu, Hi 1975-79

First job in animation was as trainee in Farmhouse Films (Honolulu, Hi), 1979-80

Moved to Los Angeles in 1980; worked for Hanna-Barbera Studios in models and layout department (1980-81): Mr. Cool and the Happy Days Gang; Smurfs

Animatior at Walt Disney Feature Animation (Burbank, CA & Orlando, FL), 1982-2013


The following is my list of film credits at Walt Disney Feature Animation:

"Mickey's Christmas Carol" 1982 (clean-up inbetweener)

"Black Cauldron" 1985 (animator)

"Great Mouse Detective" 1986 (animator)

"Oilspot & Lipstick" 1987 (CG short, animator)

"Oliver & Company" 1988 (supervising animator, worked mostly on Francis the Bulldog)

"The Little Mermaid" (1989; supervising animator, Ursula the Seawitch)

"Rescuers Down Under" (1990; supervising animator, Jake the Kangaroo Mouse)

"Beauty & the Beast" (1991; supervising animator, Maurice (Belle's dad))

"Lion King" (1994; supervising animator, adult Simba)

"Pocahontas" (1995; supervising animator, Chief Powhatan)

"Mulan" (1998; supervising animator, Captain Li Shang; won 1998 Annie Award for character animation-- Captain Shang)

"Lilo & Stitch" (2002; supervising animator, Pleakley & David)

"Brother Bear" (2003; supervising animator, Denahi)

"Meet the Robinsons" (2007; supervising animator, Mildred and Mr. Willerstein; my first CG feature credit)

"The Princess & the Frog" (2009; supervising animator, Eudora & James)   “Winnie the Pooh” (2011; animator, Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore)




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Mr. David Kwok : Animation Producer

Animation Producer

Mr. David Kwok

David Kwok: CEO / Line Producer - As founder and Chairman of Tiny Island Productions strategic partner – the Singapore Animators Connections (SAC) since 1998. Over the last 7 years, David has successfully managed productions of both short and long-form animations for local and international clients. David is also responsible for the drive for the development of SAC expertise in the areas of production pipeline planning, production skills development, manpower resource development and critical business knowledge. He continues to work in close collaboration with various government agencies, educational institutions and industry players to promote the Singapore 3D animation industry.

Mr. Brendan Foley : Writers


Mr. Brendan Foley

Brendan Foley is a writer, producer and director. His work in the U.K. and America includes writing and producing JOHNNY WAS, a feature film action thriller starring Vinnie Jones, Eriq La Salle, Lennox Lewis, Roger Daltrey and Patrick Bergin. The film received five Best Feature awards from film festivals in USA, Canada and Europe. Brendan then wrote, produced and directed THE RIDDLE, a $5 million mystery thriller starring Derek Jacobi, Vinnie Jones and Vanessa Redgrave, filmed on location in London. Most recently, he wrote, directed and produced BOG BODIES, a satirical horror film set in Ireland). He has also written books for US and UK publishers including WWII best-seller UNDER THE WIRE. The book tells the wartime adventures of prisoner-of-war escape hero William Ash, the real-life ‘cooler king’ from Great Escape camp Stalag Luft III. Previously, his journalistic work included international feature assignments in 55 countries worldwide, covering people, business and war ranging from Alaskan oil spills to bomb-disposal in Angola. His work also won journalism awards from UK Press Gazette, PR Week and Communicators in Business.

Ms. Shelly Goldstein : Story Editor/Script Writer/and Lyricist

Story Editor/Script Writer/and Lyricist

Ms. Shelly Goldstein

SHELLY GOLDSTEIN (Writer, Executive Story Editor and Lyricist for SHELLDON) Shelly has written for every genre of television, film, animation and stage. She has written screenplays, teleplays, special material, song lyrics and librettos for such artists as Steve Martin, Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, Liza Minnelli, Paula Abdul, Cybill Shepherd, Eva Longoria, Paul Newman & Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Donald Trump, Yoko Ono, and George Lucas. Her one-woman cabaret shows have played to record-setting crowds in the US and UK. She co-starred in the UK films, THE RIDDLE and BOG BODIES and sang the voice of "Hillary Clinton" in the SnideTV comic music video, "Obama on the Run". Animation writing credits include Disney's JOJO'S CIRCUS, PBS' Award winning, WIMZIE'S HOUSE and a polish on the Amblin/Universal feature, BALTO, produced by Steven Spielberg. She wrote the book for the musical, LAST DANCE which recently workshopped on Broadway.

Mr. Tom Bancroft :  Creative Consultant

Creative Consultant

Mr. Tom Bancroft

Tom Bancroft more than 25 years of experience in the animation industry, most of which was for Walt Disney Feature animation where he was an animator for 11 years on films like: “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin”, “Mulan”, and “Brother Bear”. He has been nominated for Annie and Rueben division awards, spoken at the Kennedy Center and awarded an entry into the Chicago Children’s Film Festival.

His popular character design instruction books, “Creating Characters with Personality” and “Character Mentor” have become the most recognized books on designing characters for animation, video games, comic books, and cartooning and are required textbooks at many art schools around the world.

Addtionally, Bancroft recently launched an art instruction website (TaughtByAPro.com), a daily sketching app (SketchBite), and is Head of the new Animation undergraduate program at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, where he lives with his family.

Mr. Raj Rihal : Artists


Mr. Raj Rihal

Since completing his degree in Product Design, Raj Rihal’s award winning independent
consultancy TOTALRIHAL has contributed to a variety of projects in Film, Television, Games,
Themed Entertainment, Architecture, Automotive and Product Design. His film resume includes
blockbusters such as Thor, The Avengers, Men in Black 3, The Divergent series, Scorch Trials,
Oblivion, Mitty and GI Joe Retaliation, to name a few. Raj has contributed visualization skills
and in depth research and design to companies such as Honda Advanced Design, Toyota
Advanced Design, Walt Disney Imagineering and Emberlight - a smart lighting tech start up.
Additionally, Raj has been an instructor of design and visualization at both Art Center College of
Design and The Gnomon School. His published work can be seen in the Art of Thor, the Art of
the Avengers and In the Future.
He is a member of the Art Directors Guild.

Mr. Paitoon Ratanasirintrawoot : Creative Consultant

Creative Consultant

Mr. Paitoon Ratanasirintrawoot

Paitoon graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design with an Outstanding Senior in Industrial Design Award from Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Following graduation, he joined the Walt Disney Company and worked on 9 animated feature films with Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios (The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Emperor's New Groove, Mulan, Tarzan, Beauty and The Beast/Special Edition, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear).

In 2003, Paitoon started his own design consulting company and have worked on more than 300 products in the toy, consumer products, gift, and personal care areas for clients such as Walt Disney Consumer Products, Warner Brothers Consumer Products, DC Comics Marvel, Hasbro, Corgi International, Master Replicas, Nickelodeon, FAO, Scholastic Entertainment
He has also worked as an art director, concept artist, designer, illustrator, and show designer for several of the world’s best theme park entertainment clients and Gaming industry clients such as Walt Disney Entertainment, Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative Studios, ITEC Entertainment, Disney Event Group, EA, REVEL Entertainment and many other great Theme Entertainment design groups around the world.

in 2011. Paitoon was chosen to be a Thai-­‐US Cultural Envoy by the US State department.


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