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(26 X 22-min. eps.)

“Shelldon” is a wholesome, entertaining show with positive values that the whole family can enjoy together. Target audience for “Shelldon” are predominantly boys and girls in the 4-8 age group although the series aims, through its brand of humor, to broaden its appeal to older children and adults as well. Let Shelldon and his friends take you on a journey into their underwater world where fun and adventure await you!


The uplifting series is set mostly in an idyllic coral reef community called Shell Land, a friendly sub-urban town situated in the shallow waters off the Andaman islands. The protagonists are shell creatures that are brought to life as real and interesting characters. They have personalities, and their own likes and dislikes. They feel, think, suffer pain and experience joy. Much like us humans, these creatures have their very own communities, cultures and lifestyles. Each standalone episode revolves around the exploits of a young shell named Shelldon who, together with his best friends Herman and Connie, learn to deal with the growing pains and day-to-day process, they find them selves embroiled in situations that lead to exciting adventures. Throughout the series, issues about the environment are touched upon.